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Anna Vaupel | Alive In Wunderland 2010

Alive In Wunderland is a theater and dance production that premiered at The Old Cholmeley Boys Club, Dalston September 2010

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, our story begins 21 years on from where Lewis Carol left off.

We begin at the celebration of our protagonists 7th wedding anniversary to husband Michael. Feeling weak and vulnerable, Alice is unable to reconcile herself with the jubilant evening.

Her inner conflict brings about the descent into Wunderland where everything in her respectable life is bought into question. She is guided through her inner Wunderland by Mr White (White Rabbit) and protégé Warren Burrows; taunted by poet and recovering junkie Brutus (Caterpillar), tempted by one hit wonder Hatta (Mad Hatter), belittled by fashionista Bettina (Queen of Hearts) and titillated by the Urban Beauties (Garden of Live Flowers) before she must realize the greatest responsibility of all; that of her own life.



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